Events organizaded by Bettina Langerfeldt:

# Virtual Feminine Leadership Summit (October 2015)

Cumbre Virtual de Mujeres Líderes 2015.

# “Intensive Money Clinic for the Entrepreneurial Woman”, Santiago/Chile (July 2014)

Clínica Intensiva del Dinero.

Intensive Money Clinic.

Bettina (izq.) y el grupo de emprendedoras que asistieron a la clínica.

Bettina (left) and the group of female entrepreneurs that assisted the event.

# Expand Your Vision (May 2013)

Expande Tu Visión, Impacta Globalmente Con Tu Propio Negocio En Internet.

Bettina organized the event “Expand Your Vision and Impact Globally With Your Internet Business”.

Bettina dictando una conferencia en el evento "Expande Tu Visión".

Bettina speaking at the event “Expand Your Vision”.

Events in Which Bettina Langerfeldt Was a Guest Speaker:

# Women & Money – IPWA (28 de Octubre 2015). More info here

# Feminine Money Breakthrough Workshop (11/28/2015)


The Feminine Money Breakthrough Workshop was an intensive and fun journey to discovering each attendee’s Sacred Money Archetypes and about how to use them in their professional lives to up-level their income and their lives.

Please contact us if you desire to organize a Money Workshop with Bettina.

# More Passion, Joy and Abundance (March 9, 2015)

Más Pasión, Alegría y Abundancia.

Bettina was a guest speaker for the online course “Más Pasión, Alegría & Abundancia”.

# Feminine Inspiration With Ester Vega (2, 3 y 4 of Diciembre de 2014)

Inspiración en Femenino.

Bettina was a guest speaker at “Inspiración en Femenino”.