So This Is Why It’s Not Been Working!

I just came home from an amazing trip to Tucson with my daughter. Both of us attended “Feminine Money Mastery”, a business conference organized by my coach, Kendall Summerhawk. It was so inspiring to spend an intensive 3 days with over 200 business women! Afterwards we spent some memorable mother-daughter time together. Tucson is a…

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Does This Describe You?

If you are a Christian woman entrepreneur and any of the following situations describe you, rest assured: you can dramatically improve your income level, just by changing your beliefs around money! You cannot earn more money, even if you work harder. You are exhausted and have lost your motivation for what you do, because you…

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Meet My Family!

This is my first official post in English, so, what I thought I’d do, for a good start, is present myself and my family to you! Here is a picture of our last time together, this August 2015, during a visit from our second daughter, who currently lives in Australia. From left to right: Sophie,…

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