Five Ways to Quickly Increase Your Business Income

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If you are struggling to make more money in your business, it might be time to change what you are doing!

In a business, that means designing strategies that will help you up-level your income. I LOVE doing this with my clients, because there are several ways you can quickly accelerate your income level, by doing things differently.

It may mean narrowing your niche, or delivering, packaging and/or pricing your expertise differently. Maybe it’s as simple as sending a different marketing message that truly addresses your ideal client’s most urgent needs.

This call is for you if:
• You feel stuck in a business model that does not allow you to grow more.
• You know that you are good at what you do, yet your numbers don’t reflect your level of expertise.
• You feel, deep in your heart, God has more (much more!) in store for you and for your business, but you don’t know how to make it happen.

Listen to this podcast and find out how you can take action to step into what God has in store for the next phase in your business!

With love,
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P.S. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the low hanging fruit in your business, because you simply don’t know WHERE to look for it. In this call you will discover 5 areas where you can quickly increase your income, without having to change what you love doing!

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About The Author

Bettina Langerfeldt

Bettina Langerfeldt is a Transformational Catalyst, Thought Leader and author of the upcoming book “The Sleeping Queen”. Since 2007, Bettina has created a successful online business in the Spanish market. Now she’s taking her inspiring message and expertise to Christian women worldwide. Bettina empowers Christian business women to heal their relationship with money so they can build a thriving business by bringing their divine calling into the marketplace while embracing themselves as “Queens” in their business and life.

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