What Would it Feel Like to Have Your Income Rise Above Your Lifestyle?

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christian lifestyleWhat would it feel like to have your income rise above your lifestyle?

If you haven’t taken time to consciously create an intention for that future income, you will probably not know how to answer that question.

“The lifestyle of your dreams” is a cliche phrase which sounds very attractive, but, for most people, it isn’t much more than a fuzzy picture of what their life might hopefully look like in the future.

The truth is lifestyle has a number on it!

Here is a fun way to start figuring out what that number is, so you can elaborate a realistic plan to get from where you are today to that place where you would love to be in three or five years from now:

The first thing you must do is make an honest assessment of where you are today and why you are there.

Usually women live a bit above or beyond their means. The amount of income you are making has a “temperature” that you have gotten used to, so you will have the tendency to stay right at that line.

The good news is that the amount of money you are making today represents who you were in the past. All you have to do is shift your mindset towards a clear goal in a given period of time, if you want to move beyond that income.

To begin with, you have to connect to why it is so important to you. Money always has to have a purpose. Create an emotional resonance with your goals by asking yourself:

• What do I want the money for?
• What would it look like?
• What experiences do I want to have a few years from now?

Take time to journal extensively as you answer these questions. You can even make a vision board to help you get clear about what is really important for you.

Once you have made this internal shift in your mind you will have a clear vision that will pull you forward. You will know exactly what it would feel like to have your income rise above your current lifestyle.

With love,
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