3 Tips to Close Your Sales With Heavenly Grace and Ease!

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3 Tips to Close Your Sales With Heavenly Grace and Ease!Do you struggle when it comes to selling your services and products?

Many business women find it difficult to make a confident offer and to stand their ground while they are negotiating their terms during a sales process.

The problem is they risk selling at a lower price or losing the deal altogether.

If you lack the necessary confidence to sell your services and/or products at a price you love, or you have trouble setting clear boundaries before closing a sale, then your income will plummet.

Plus, you will feel disempowered and frustrated every single time a sale does not work out the way you want.

If you are a chronic “underseller”, then you will love the following tips to sell successfully, with confidence and ease:

  1. Don’t be hard on yourself. Unless your parents were business people, it is highly probable that no one ever taught you to sell successfully. You can significantly improve your conversion rate by learning the specific techniques of a successful sales process. Once you understand the how, all you have to do is practice, practice and practice.
  2. Own your worth. Women very often fail to sell well because, deep inside, they question the value of their offer. If you feel insecure about your offer, ask yourself: How will your client’s lives be impacted when they buy from you? Don’t just think about immediate results, but write down at least 30 benefits they will receive in all areas of their lives, for example their finances, personal relationships, wellbeing, future potential and life purpose.
  3. Tap into God’s grace. As a daughter of the Most High God you have free access to His unlimited grace, which is God’s supernatural power that works on your behalf to enable you to achieve what you are not capable of in the natural. He can give you favor with your prospects, strengthen you and give you the right words to say while you are closing your sales.

Remember that he called you to the marketplace. That means that He will also anoint you to be a successful business woman!

Trust Him for guidance, wisdom and strength when you are making important business decisions. He passionately loves you and desires for you to be successful more than you do!

With love,


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Bettina Langerfeldt

Bettina Langerfeldt is a Transformational Catalyst, Thought Leader and author of the upcoming book “The Sleeping Queen”. Since 2007, Bettina has created a successful online business in the Spanish market. Now she’s taking her inspiring message and expertise to Christian women worldwide. Bettina empowers Christian business women to heal their relationship with money so they can build a thriving business by bringing their divine calling into the marketplace while embracing themselves as “Queens” in their business and life.

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