Interview With Mark Bilton: Bestselling Author of “Monday Matters”

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Join me for the interview of Mark Bilton, author of the bestseller “Monday Matters”, on this podcast.

Mark Bilton.

If you often struggle with the meaningless aspect of your business, or you feel you should be doing something more important for God than just sitting at your desk and working, then you don’t want to miss this short, but powerful interview!

This is what our insightful conversation was about:

  • Traditional myths about work and business and their consequences in your life if you buy into them.
  • Does God really have a plan and a purpose for my business?
  • How do you integrate your faith with your daily work/business?
  • Practical insights about marketplace ministry: the impact of your business/work.
  • And much more!


With love,


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About The Author

Bettina Langerfeldt

Bettina Langerfeldt is a Transformational Catalyst, Thought Leader and author of the upcoming book “The Sleeping Queen”. Since 2007, Bettina has created a successful online business in the Spanish market. Now she’s taking her inspiring message and expertise to Christian women worldwide. Bettina empowers Christian business women to heal their relationship with money so they can build a thriving business by bringing their divine calling into the marketplace while embracing themselves as “Queens” in their business and life.

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